About us

About me

‘You can never change your world if you allow your physical difficulties affect your vision”. This quote has not only transformed my life but giving me new focus in my business. I regard it as one of the secrets of who I am today.

I am Shrikant Garg, A Leading Creative Director with a flair for Graphic Designs which has seen me become the Founder of CityPostersPlus.com, CityPostersPlus.in and 01010011PostersPlus.com, a Poster, Mug, Notebook, Apparel, Pillows and Photo online shop. Born with a hearing impaired issue, I only saw it as a physical challenge and always wanted to be better and impact my world with my talent and gifts. I never considered myself as a disabled person nor did I ever hide under the coat of inability.

At a tender age, I was able to discover my gift for art and creativity. This motivated me to enroll for Advanced Diploma in Advertising & Graphic Design Course at Wigan and Leigh College, United Kingdom and in Bangalore / New Delhi Campus, India. I continued on my quest to achieving a solid educational background and developing my skills by enrolling for a Diploma in Web Tech in HITRON CALC, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. I am a Microsoft Certified Professional with a degree in Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA), Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA), and ITILv3.

For me, design and technology related stuff are more of a way of life and not just a hobby. I believe in using my design skills and talent to cause a positive transformation that will affect generations to come while also finding solutions to the design and graphic needs of people.

About The Company

With over 20 years of professional Technology / Design experience offering design and technological service in both small and large-scale organisation. During these years, I worked in the role of Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Web Developer & IT Administrator. Working in these various organisations and roles, helped improve, sharpen, and allowed me to be able to utilize my skills to its maximum potential. Because of my desire and the need to provide quality graphic photos and design, 01010011PostersPlus.com, CityPostersPlus.in and CityPostersPlus.com was founded.

CityPostersPlus.com and CityPostersPlus.in was founded in 2017 and boast of over 60,000+ quality vectors and illustration for digitals with more creations taking place daily. This Posters, Mugs, Apparel, Notebooks, Pillows and Photos purchasing website offers users unique features. Purchasing Poster, Mug and Apparel, Notebook, Pillow and Photo is very fast and easy just by purchasing your desired Poster, Mug, Notebook, Pillow and Apparel on CityPostersPlus.com and CityPostersPlus.in then the order gets sent to Print factory for project processing before purchased and processed poster, mug, notebook, pillow or apparel gets shipped.

With a new set of developments being effected daily, CityPostersPlus.com is the new world poster and apparel purchasing destination for poster, mug, apparel, notebook, pillow and photo related purchases. At CityPostersPlus.com and CityPostersPlus.in, we believe in delivering quality posters, mugs, notebooks, pillows, photos and apparel at an affordable price.

Shrikant Garg
CEO, Founder & Creative Director